Miss Jill – What?

All I can do is try right?

So here we are: two years later. Wow so let’s recap: 

I can’t recall anything. My mind is racing and my fingers sometimes don’t type well after about five hours later. Actually, there are some great things on the horizon and the near future so I hope you all will follow along and maybe be moved or grooved. Music is a lifelong film for us we toss out the old tunes, give away old records and yet somehow we go back to the basics. That’s what I do here.  So here I am updating my “bio” or some say manifesto. It’s not a done said thing… it will always be in rotation.

But patience is the key. Holding on to that moment that one day all things will be right. So some back history on moi:

I was raised by Mark Pucci, baptized by fire working with a steady stream of Americana, Alternative Country, Blues, Folk, Rock and Jazz artists. I was in charge of tour publicity at first, then I added IT then I added webmaster then I added social media girl, then I added… well I did a lot over there. I’ve learned from early on to keep calling til they call you and yell at you for calling so much. (That’s happened). I can keep up with anyone, multi-task to bejesus and peel everyone off the ceiling with or without a spatula for I tell it like it is.

I move fast, I call people back, I make mistakes, I score 10 touchdowns in one morning… but I never ever promise anything for anyone, but what I do is, try. Promoting music is an honorable thing to do for someone. They are taking their art, giving it to you and saying; “please help…” This requires trust, patience, and love…

I moved to Atlanta in 1993 after graduating in 1992, from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. I have a BFA  in PAP from VCU which means, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University which REALLY means I can paint and print-make repeatedly. I would never trade that for the world. BUT I did need to pay my bills. And the cool thing is about being a visual artist you never have to go buy art. You have it already.

I took an unpaid internship at Nexus Contemporary Art Center near Georgia Tech, after a full month of that, I had to get a job at Macy’s. If this painting thing didn’t work out I had retail to fall back on. Selling men suits was my specialty. I spent my off time at Nexus, TULA, and Macy’s while I hung out with musicians at night which fast became my new job.

1994-1995 I would do various things; write for a monthly paper, do PR work for local bands including their photography. It wasn’t til 1995 when I needed a new job and my pal didn’t want his anymore. His job was being the assistant to drivin’ n cryin’s manager.

I worked six months there before I went to work with Odom-Meaders for a spell then May 1, 1996 I went to work with Mark Pucci. The Capricorn Legend. I worked with right along with him on everything… then I learned how to branch out, think, and come up with creative ideas… why? I felt like I was spinning and not getting anywhere with the ever changing newspaper world and something had to change. I found out that something was me.

During this time, I worked as an art director at the Defoor Centre, an events facility that had a gallery feel. So with the 20,000 square feet space I had plenty of walls to work with. I was in charge of it all, picking the art, setting up the installations, arranging the openings, selling the work etc. I had four group shows a year, with one big cattle call in November called OFF THE WALL where artists could sell at rock bottom prices for some holiday sales. I have counted over the course of 5 years, I worked with 35 artists during the regular season, during the OTW event – probably 200 plus. Then as for the inventory that would begin at 300 pieces four times a year not including the OTW event.

During this time, I began to think how I can get more people to these art shows, drive sales up and keep the integrity of the work solid. Right, mix up what I know from the music world and combine it in the art world. I would learn so much about this visual artists, their back ground, their parents, their extra job,  their children… and I was able to get the media to talk about all facets of them not just how pretty the painting was…

I had a modern painter go on the air and talk about his technique and what kind of music he listened to while he worked.

I had a Latino artist, talk about creating under a dictatorship and the limited materials she had in order to create.

I had a very well known, piano player play an opening, complete with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I had a punk rock band play an all-girls art show.

…so I transferred this to my publicity world and made it much better.

So this is cool right? Sure it is. There are no rules in what I do, only to check your grammar and spelling. Keep up your relationships with the media, call them if you have to, drive over and deliver cookies if need be.

Bribery is great, but stealing the limelight is better.

It’s your career, not mine. I am here to help you get more media attention, people at your shows and most of all, sell albums.

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