"driving your PR car with a brick on the pedal..."

Miss Jill - who is she?

I come from publicity royalty learning from Mark Pucci for the past 18 years... so about 2-3 years ago, I ran away from home and started my own PR lemonade stand. Here I am!

I can think of things on the spot!

I can draw a stick figures - smiley faces - X and Os and even a star. I tend to think of things that might have happened but not the way I see it...

Working with people

Don't leave out the gummi bears and potato chips... they will be gone. And I will blame the other person in the room. I have no shame. HA.

So whatcha got?

A cd - some files - some art - some shows... Just be organized and ready to go we will hit the ground running and I don't wait for sissies...

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With a giggle and a saunter….

With a giggle and a saunter….

Danish/American Singer Nina Massara Clicks Her Heels, Winks And Says WATCH ME With Her US Debut Out On March 3rd   Nina Massara is putting everything she has into a sound she hopes will bring the music she loves to every generation, young and old.

Turn Up The Funk…. Turn The Bea...

Turn Up The Funk…. Turn The Beat Around…

The Maxx Band Turns Up The Funk Box  Out on February 3 2017  No Instructions Needed To Dance   “We didn’t have to study it; we could basically do what’s in our hearts.”

Soon you will know all about JB…...

Soon you will know all about JB…

The Soul Of John Black Early In The Moanin’ Is Greasy, Slippery and Groovy Album Out February 3, 2017  “Whole new brand of soul…” – Rolling Stone

Time to get the jalopy ready to head ...

Time to get the jalopy ready to head to Folk Alliance 2017



“… passionately yelled vocals that convey the ceaseless thrill of feeling the freedom that remains the great promise of this kind of rock ‘n’ roll.” – NPR DWIGHT TWILLEY DELIVERS ONLY WHAT HE KNOWS – HIS BEST The Best Of Twilley The Tulsa Years 1999-2016 “…Twilley still possesses the chops that can all but assure a […]

AMA Or Bust – 2016 – Miss...

AMA Or Bust – 2016 – Miss Jill PR – Goes Twerking?


Happy Release Day!

Happy Release Day! Back to Back David Olney - DON'T TRY TO FIGHT IT Tim O'Brien - WHERE THE RIVER MEETS THE ROAD Both out on 3/31

Nina Massara – All That I’ll Ever Need

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